Hamas, Fatah; unfit to lead, unfit to manage liberation and freedom.

Sami Jamil Jadallah

Sami Jamil Jadallah, 4 May 2011

In few hours in Cairo and in the presence of Arab and international guests, both Mahmoud Abbas as head of Fatah and Khaled Mishal as head of Hamas will sign and execute the “ Cairo reconciliation agreement” ending the feudal feud between the two brothers, they will kiss, shake hand and forget all the crimes both committed against Palestine and the people. Not so sure if Oslo Abbas and Ramallah PA can survive till September without funding from Israel, the US and EC!

One only need to remember February 2007, the solemn place and location in Mecca when after eight days of intensive negotiations both Hamas and Fatah signed a similar deal. Will Cairo prove different from Mecca I doubt it? Because Hamas and Fatah will never change their “spots” and put the interests of the nation and people first.

One has to question of why now? I think it is obvious, Hosni Mubarak and Omar Suleiman discredited, shamed and out of power and no longer provide the political cover for Fatah. Bachar Assad is on the verge of collapse and is no good any more for Hamas. It is clear both are desperate to save their skin and interests.

Did Hamas and Fatah woke up after all these years to discover there is a Palestinian interests and needs to reconcile? Why they failed to do it after Mecca? And why they failed to do it just before Israel ‘s War on Gaza? And why they did not do it immediately after the total destruction of Gaza? And why they did not do it immediately after the Sharm el-Sheik conference on rebuilding Gaza? And why they did not agree to reconcile and help end the siege of Gaza that was choking and killing people and their hope? And why they did not do it all these years and months? What changed for the people and their needs for the two parties to all of sudden discover there is a need to reconcile, nothing?

Now we are told Mahmoud Abbas and his brilliant negotiating team will continue to lead the negotiations with Israel. One has to question the ability and the competency of Mahmoud Abbas and his team to lead the negotiations? And question their mental fitness and qualification to make a difference this time around. People forget that Mahmoud Abbas was the main architect of Oslo, which legitimized the Jewish Occupation, gave full and unqualified recognition to Israel, accepted the continued expansion of Jewish settlements as part of the deal and turned the PLO and Fatah to management and security contractors for the Jewish Occupation.

The people need to remember Abbas and his team were the same one who has been negotiating with Israel for the last 20 years, negotiating while Israel was quadruple its settlements, build the Apartheid Wall, ethnically cleansing 80,000 from East Jerusalem, and of course maintaining more than 600 security check. We know what he got for the leadership and his cronies, but we do not know what he got the people, nothing.

I know there is lots of hype about the PLO going to the UN this September to seek full recognition and full admission to the UN as if this will make a change on the ground or change the agreed to status of the “territories” as negotiated in Oslo. UN recognitions in and of itself will not bring the Palestinians the freedom nor the independence they need, certainly it will not end the Jewish Occupation and it will not bring back the refugees to Palestine. Yes, it is an attempt by the PLO leadership to buy time for itself and its failed leadership. The US will for sure exercise its veto power and Israel will tell the world to take a hike.

Over the last 45 years both the PLO and Fatah proved over and over again, they are unfit to lead, unfit to manage and unqualified to build a nation, let alone liberate. One can see it on the ground, no need to make believe. The PLO and Fatah only manage to build corrupt police canton to serve Israel, never made efforts to build national institutions, and any thing coming out of Ramallah to the contrary is a lie.

Hamas should have stayed a social service organization and its leadership and ideology are not fit to build a modern nation state with a rule of law. Hamas used ‘resistance” and blew it and it de-legitimize whatever remaining rights the people have to fight the Jewish Occupation specially after Arafat referred to “ Palestinians armed resistance” as “terrorism” in his letter of exchange with Rabin. Of course suicide bombing ended all of that and it proved fatal for Hamas and the cause of liberation and armed resistance.

Both Hamas and Fatah are simply unfit to manage and lead forward in building a nation state. Hamas and Fatah only showed incompetence, lack of the rule of law, no respect for citizens rights and liberty with no constitutional guarantees of right to life, liberty and property. Both use security forces in total violations of basic human rights. Both failed to make significant improvement in education, health care, transportation, agriculture and sound transparent and accountable financial management. In the case of Fatah is it riddle with corruptions to the core and if Egypt is an example of corruption, then people should come to Ramallah to see real corruption and nepotism first hand. In the end, we all need to keep in mind, Hamas and Fatah do not represent all of the Palestinians and at best represent small fraction of the total Palestinian population worldwide. Perhaps the UN will consider placing the Palestinian Territories under its trusteeship for an interim period until a new leadership emerges to take over.

Sami Jamil Jadallah

Sami Jamil Jadallah

Sami Jamil Jadallah is an international legal and business consultant and is the founder and director of Palestine Agency and Palestine Documentation Center www.palestineagency.com and founder and owner of several business in technology and services. Sami also runs an online website (Jefferson Corner). His articles are also featured on PalestineNote and Veterans Today.

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If Tunis and Cairo can do it, why not Ramallah and Gaza?

Palestinians Cheer Egypt (Nick Marouf, Feb 11 2010, Manara Circle)

Palestinians Cheer Egypt (Nick Marouf, Feb 11 2010, Manara Circle)

Palestinians Cheer Egypt (Nick Marouf, Feb 11 2010, Manara Circle)

Sami Jamil Jadallah | www.jeffersoncorner.com

I never thought I will live to see the day when a corrupt, incompetent, dictatorial, criminal Arab head of state will be forced out and chased out of power. I have to admit I never thought the Arabs have what it takes to go out in the millions and chase these criminal dictators and thieves out of power without firing a single bullet. Yet and within only about 30 days or so the people of Tunisia and the people of Egypt did it. They went out in the hundreds of thousands and in the millions forcing corrupt dictators out. Today more than ever I feel so very proud of yes, being an Arab. Now that the people of Tunisia and Egypt showed us the way, perhaps the Palestinian people can do it too and yes, why not?

The Palestinian people and for decades saw Arafat take them from one disaster to another, saw him lead the Palestinian people from one failure to another. Hundreds of thousands died in a revolution that was never there, a revolution that was riddle with corruption, fraud and thuggery, especially by the leadership.

No reasons to recall Amman or remember Lebanon and the way the leadership departed to Tunis leaving behind hundreds of thousands who believed in the PLO as a liberation organization only to discover it is lie and a fraud.  An organization that simply abandoned them to the wolves where thousands were massacred in cold blood with the leadership never bothered to look back, even open an investigation to what happened and let alone bring to trials those responsible for the massacres in Sabra, Shatilla and Tal-Zaater.

Then came the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait with the Palestinian leadership siding with the criminal Saddam who killed hundreds of thousands of his own people and aborted the people’s revolution in Iran allowing the Mullahs to gain absolute power with his war on Iran. Hundreds of thousands of Palestinians had to leave Kuwait leaving behind a “home away from home” and billions of dollars of assets, a price the Palestinian people had to pay as a result of reckless irresponsible and a criminal leadership.

Of course Oslo was to top all of these failures and corruption, permanently aborted the best chance of liberation the people had. Arafat and the present leadership, as always, was caught with its pants down in the First Intifada and the leadership helped Rabin and Israel bring an end to the First Intifada and a good chance to end the Occupation. The leadership abandoned liberation; it gained a business and mission, managing the Jewish Occupation.  Now the people have to put up with a “Vichy” type government and a Jewish Occupation. The people must get rid of the leadership as a first step to get rid of the Occupation.  The Palestinian leadership not only failed to liberate “Palestine”, Oslo made ending the Jewish Occupation impossible.  Instead of finding ways to end the Occupation the Palestinian leadership became obsessed with finding ways to pay salaries of tens of thousands of functionaries in service of the Israeli Occupation.   Forget about the “peace process” it was never there, and it is the only way to keep the leadership in business.

Gaza leadership is no different from Ramallah leadership, thought the first is more corrupt, both are equally incompetent with security services in service of the ‘regime and in case of Ramallah in service of the Occupation. It. Armed thugs running the security services in both Gaza and Ramallah, one with “beards” and the other “Gillette clean”.

Both Ramallah and Gaza leadership became obsessed with its survival at the expense of people.  So far Ramallah failed to show the people a “road map” for ending the Jewish Occupation through the “peace process” and Gaza leadership failed to show the people its “road map” of “armed resistance” as a way to the liberation of Palestine.  Certainly Hamas rockets will never liberate Palestine and Fatah/PLO infinite negotiations with Israel will never end the Occupation. Both leadership in Gaza and Ramallah proved over times they are unfit and unqualified to lead in war and in peace even to manage things under occupation.

Perhaps the first step toward ending the Jewish Occupation and start of liberation is to liberate the Palestinians from their own leadership. Certainly it could be done and why not? It will be easy for the people of Gaza to get rid of Hamas and it will be more difficult to get rid of PLO/Fatah since Israel is a partner. But it is time for the Palestinian people to bring a failed leadership to a shameful end and chase them out, then concentrate on ending the Jewish Occupation (my next posting) Congratulations to the people of Tunisia certainly to the people of Egypt.

Sami Jamil Jadallah

Sami Jamil Jadallah

Born in the Palestinian city of El-Bireh ( presently under Israeli Military Occupation, Armed Jewish thugs and settlers). Immigrated to the US in 62. After graduating from high school in Gary, Indiana was drafted into the US Army ( 66-68) received the Leadership Award from the US 6th Army NCO Academy in Ft. Lewis, Washington. Five of us brothers where in US military service about the same time. Graduated from Indiana University with BA-72, Master of Public Affairs-74 and Juris Doctor-77, and in senior year at IU,was elected Chairman of the Indiana Student Association. Sami Jamil Jadallah is an international legal and business consultant and is the founder and director of Palestine Agency and Palestine Documentation Center www.palestineagency.com and founder and owner of several business in technology and services. Sami also runs an online website (Jefferson Corner)