Wikileaks, What the US & Israel are not saying about Iran

Nick Marouf, RamallahOnline, 30 Nov 2010

According to recent survey carried out by the US Zogby polling organisation and the University of Maryland, conducted June 29 – July 20, 2010 with a wide range of participants from various Arab countries showed that Arabs would positivity view a nuclear Iran while over 75% view Israel and the US as the greatest threat towards the Middle East.

Both Netanyahu and Hillary Clinton are exploiting the fact that recent Wikileaks documents show that Arab states share Israel’s anxiety over Iran’s Nuclear program. Furthermore the US media fans the smoke on the fire by only showing that side of the story, ignoring the Brookings survey. “When they talk about Arabs, they mean the Arab dictators, not the population, which is overwhelmingly opposed to the conclusions that the analysts here- Clinton and the media- have drawn.  Noam Chomsky.”

A recent interview on Democracy Now with Noam Chomsky summaries the survey as follow:

“The results are rather striking. They show the Arab opinion holds that the major threat in the region is Israel- that’s 80. The second major threat is the United States- that’s 77. Iran is listed as a threat by 10%.”

“With regard to nuclear weapons, rather remarkably, a majority- in fact, 57–say that the region would have a positive effect in the region if Iran had nuclear weapons.”

Download the full Polling Results (PDF)

Wikileaks has not shed light on anything new for the most part, but rather confirmed suspicions which most historians would find useful. Most of the cables to date seem to play into the hands of Israel. One should ask, who has the most to benefit from Wikileaks. Keeping the answer simple, Israel, and maybe the United States depending on how this all plays out over the next few weeks.

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    • Hmm. Interesting way too look at it. I don’t think the Arab revelation should come as a surprise to many. As to saying Israel is a honest broker, and has been saying the truth all long. That I find to be very far fetched. You might be interested in a recent article by Dr. Tariq Shadid. Wikileaks leaks toxic acid in every direction, except to Israel (

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