Science Fair at Bethlehem University, Israeli torture and more

Mazin Qumsiyeh, 9th Oct 2010

Video: Students at Bethlehem University put together a very successful
science fair despite limited resources

Palestinian Sam Bahour’s take on the peace process [in a Jewish publication]
Jews and Israelis are asked to comment on this

Are the Israeli occupation tasks outsourced to US trained Palestinian
Detailed article on Israeli-American-Palestinian security “cooperation”

Action Call for International Solidarity: Stop raids against US anti-war
activists and international solidarity activists

IDF learns lessons from Turkish flotilla: Oketz unit dogs will be first to
go aboard, keep area sterile until soldiers arrive,7340,L-3966094,00.html

Right wing settler leader runs over two palestinian Children in occupied
Jerusalem. The settler leader helps bring settlers to live in Silwan, E
Jerusalem where homes are being demolished under the guise of the “city of
David” colonial project

Israeli soldier dancing and taunting blindfolded Palestinian woman

and the woman filmed here describes torture, humiliation

[more fascist state action] Israel expels Nobel peace laureate over Gaza

Video of Great Boycott Action in France (English subtitles)
but there is a crackdown on
activists and we need you to speak to European MPs, see

Jewish population in Israel is declining: Despite a million immigrants over
the past two decades, the percentage of Jews in the Israeli population is
This argument in Israel between Zionists about “demographics” is itself
revealing about the level of racism engendered in the notion of wanting
maximum geography with minimum demography (of the native inhabitants)

Israeli Rabbi: Honey-pot sex is kosher for female Mossad agents
Rabbi Ari Schvat’s ruling appeared in a study, ‘Illicit sex for the sake of
national security,’ published by the Tzomet Institute, which studies the
interface between religion and modernity.

Israel’s Netanyahu backs Jewish loyalty oath

Mazin Qumsiyeh, PhD
A Bedouin in Cyberspace, a villager at home

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