Gaza kids bounce their way towards another World Record!

UNRWA, 16 July 2010

Next week the children of UNRWA’s Gaza Summer Games program will attempt to break another Guinness World Record!

Watch this must see video message from UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon, as he supports the Gazan kids quest for another World Record.

Summer Games 2010 (UNRWA)

Summer Games 2010 (UNRWA)

On Thursday, July 22nd, the kids will attempt to break the world record for most basketballs bounced simultaneously.  If achieved, this will put the children of the UNRWA Summer Games in the Guinness Book of World Records for the second time, as they successfully broke the record for most kites flown simultaneously last year.  Click here to watch “Great Gaza Global Bounce,” a short animated clip about their efforts!

Achieving this goal means so much more than just breaking a world record, it is, as Simaa, a participant in this year’s Summer Games program, put it, a way to “tell the world we exist.”  In a society where children constantly face physical threat and psychological trauma, achieving goals like these serve as boast to their self-esteem and general morale.

However, former UNRWA Commissioner-General, Karen AbuZayd gives us a bittersweet reminder, “This shows what the children of Gaza can do. They would be world record breakers in so many ways if they lived in an environment that gave them the freedom to reach their full potential.”

For the past four years, UNRWA’s Summer Games has provided more than 250,000 children in Gaza with a reprieve from daily stress through its Summer Games program of sports, arts and crafts, swimming, drama, and general summer joy!

If you would like to support UNRWA’s Summer Games and help the children of Gaza reach their full potential, please consider making a tax-deductible donation to American Friends of UNRWA in support of the 2010 Summer Games.  Together, we can provide the children of Gaza with a fun-filled summer and hope for the future.  Click here to donate today!

Visit the American Friends of UNRWA website, for the latest updates as the kids prepare to make history for a second year in a row!

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