Azeez Shaheen

Born in 1894, Ramallah Palestine. He grew up in Ramallah, while he studied at Ramalalh Friends Boys School, and graduated in 1910.

At the age 17 he emigrated to the United States, and worked as a door-to-door salesman. In 1916 he purchased his uncle’s wholesale business in Chicago, expanded it into an import and wholesale distribution business, and managed it for forty years. the firm also went into rug and carpet manufacture in Dalton, Georgia in 1845.

In 1927 he married Saleemeh Suleiman Balluteen of Nazareth and had four son. Except for visits to Ramallah in 1925, 1937-38, and 1951-52, he lived continuously in the United States from 1911 till 1958.

In 1958 he retired and returned to Ramallah to supervise the building of the Ramallah hospital, and except for breif trips to visit his family in the United States, has lived in his home town ever since. In Ramallah he is well known for the part he played in the Ramallah Hospital Foundation. There is also a school in Ramallah named after him.

In 1952, he dedicated most of his time working on a book, (Ramallah, Its History and Its Genealogies, 1982), that included extensive information about Ramallah, its customs, inhabitants. His book is complete as possible up to 1980.

This information has been gatherd from Azeez Shahen’s book about ramallah, Published in 1982, Birzeit University.

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